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Jean Desprez® fragrances retain the “sexy allure” of the past with a hint of independence®.


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Jean Desprez®, creator of Bal a Versailles will be launching a new fragrance that retains the “sexy allure” of the past with a hint of independence®. The new Jean Desprez® fragrance will penetrate the psyche, arouse the senses, and seduce as well as comfort. It is designed to activate a different signal each time it is applied, and is part of a new fragrance system that will keep the scent new and relevant for years to come.

In 1962 with the creation of BAL A VERSAILLES! An oriental fragrance composed of 300 ingredients, mostly natural. Jean Desprez marked with this fragrance, his imprint on the modern fragrance industry which was French luxury !

In 1963, the company MILLOT was sold to Revillon perfumes.

In 1973, the perfume JARDANEL is reproduced in a limited edition, but it was stopped because the price of reproduction was too high.

In 1980, launching a fragrance for men VERSAILLES POUR HOMME. Pierre Dinand is the designer of the bottle. The son of Jean Desprez, Denis Desprez has preserved the traditional character of the company maintaining the high tradition of French perfume, respecting the motto communicated by his father, "When the perfume is a work of art !"

The brand "Jean Desprez Perfume" was sold several times. First to "Inter Parfums Paris" then to the American company "Parlux Fragrances Inc." which, in its turn, sold it to
Genesis International Marketing Corporation, a U.S. company based in Miami, Florida. That same year was made a new version, most popular of the perfume BAL A VERSAILLES®. A combination of the classic version with today's needs, a fragrance that awakens the senses and seduces again !... THAT IS WHAT WE SELL TODAY!

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WAS IT REALLY MICHAEL JACKSON'S FAVORITE SCENT? (We are not saying so, but they did).

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